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Reeling in Red Snapper

It is that time of year again, the long awaited red snapper season. The countdown to June 1st marks the highly anticipated start of the snapper season by many local fishing charters and anglers. With the season opening just around the corner, this is your chance to get in on the action and experience the thrill of red snapper season. Whether you are a novice angler eager ready to cast your first line or experienced angler we promise to deliver an exciting outing on our Red Snapper Biloxi Charter Fishing Trips.

Captain Mike Foto has been reeling in red snapper for over 30 years now. With over 3 decades of hands on experience he is considered a true veteran in deep sea fishing. Captain Mike Foto’s wealth of knowledge allows him to confidently navigate the waters for red snapper. Be prepared for a busy day and unforgettable fishing experience with him as your captain.

The summer months bring perfect fishing conditions to catch red snapper. The weather is surprisingly very enjoyable during snapper season. The summer temperatures are usually mild and range from 75°F-90°F with an enjoyable and cool sea breeze. Aboard the Fish-Finder we have lots of shade and a relaxing cabin with cold air conditioning. In the summer, there is often a low chance of rain and thunderstorms that may hinder your charter fishing trip experience. Aboard the Fish-Finder we also have the latest electronics for navigating and staying safe from weather conditions. The seas are usually calm during snapper season making it overall an enjoyable experience.

We fish for red snapper about 25 miles off the gulf coast. Red snapper usually hang out around the oil rigs and offshore wrecks. Fishing around these structures also bring the chance of catching sharks, cobia, or king mackerel to name a few. This far off the coast it is popular to see running shrimp boats, sea turtles, dolphins, and different types of seabirds.

We invest in the best fishing equipment to ensure you land what you hook. We also use premium rods and reels along with a diverse selection of tackle. Also, we always come prepared to make sure we have what the fish are biting on any given day.

After an enjoyable day out on the gulf it is time to take pictures and prepare your fish. Red snapper are arguably one of the most delicious fish on the gulf coast to eat. Cobia, sharks, and king mackerel are also very rich in flavor. A few local restaurants will also cook your fresh catch. If this is something that interests you be sure to let us know so we can prepare it for the restaurant of your choice.

Our summer trips leave the dock at 7:00 am. Below is a link to the local marine forecast so you can prepare for your Red Snapper Biloxi Charter Fishing Trip.

If you have any questions regarding our trips, please feel free to contact us. Our contact information can be found on our contact us page.



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